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Specialized Services


Really there is nothing special at all, we offer the same commitment to quality and the same dedication in solving your problems.  We take the time to listen to you or your staff and determine what issues are urgent and important.  This outside the box approach helps us understand your specific needs and concerns.  From that point we can design a solution to solve any of your buildings Issues.


Infrared Roof Scans


Infrared Scans allow us to look past the surface of your roofing system and see areas of water infiltration.  A major benefit of using this type of technology is that it is fast, accurate, and noninvasive.  When you couple a Tramex moisture meter with the infrared camera you can develop and very accurate picture of deficiencies that have developed in your roofing system.

Weatherization & Air Sealing


As we become more aware of the effects the climate and weather has on our building envelope the science of weatherization takes leaps forward to provide solutions to common problems that plague the buildings of this region.  Weatherization can lower energy costs due to heating and cooling, provide a more comfortable work environment, and aid in the prolonging of your integral building systems.

Maintenance & Service Plans


The roof system & building envelope rarely get a second thought, until there is a leak.  Let us help you be proactive and protect your roof system with a personalized service plan.  Too often we see roofing systems not perform to its purposed life expectancy due to a lack of routine care.  Clogged drains and plant debris on your roof aid in the rapid deterioration of your system and often can void product warranties.

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