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Commercial Roof Coatings & Fluid Applied Roof Systems


Although some of these coatings have been around for a few decades they have recently been highlighted as viable means of repair and restoration.  There are coatings and fluid applied roof systems that can be applied to almost any roof surface, from single ply to built up roofs.  This versatile class of roofing products helps meet budgetary demands while still addressing issues, boosting energy efficiency, and protecting your roof from harmful UV rays.  When properly applied these solutions have a long term viability that will allow you to rest assured that your system will continue to perform as it should, and keep you dry.

Fluid Applied Roofing Systems


Fluid applied roofing systems are a versatile category of roofing products.  They can be used in both roof restoration and patch and repair.  These elastomeric systems range from a single coat application to multiple coat reinforced systems.  In addition to the multiple uses they may be applied to almost all roof types from single ply membranes to metal and even asphaltic roof systems. 

Reflective Roof Coatings


Reflective roof coatings aside from the most obvious application as a reflector to lower energy costs are often an over looked option for routine maintenance.  There are several roofing systems that would benefit from this type of coating.  One such system that is often used in this area is a torch applied smooth modified roofing product.  This product in particular suffers from harmful UV degradation causing it to lose its life prematurely.  Applying a reflective coating protects the surface and prolongs it effective life.

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